Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cameron Toll Chaplaincy Prayer Requests

Rosemary Davidson
Rosemary is an ordained minister
in the Church of the Nazarene

& is part of a group starting
a new fresh expression of Church
She became a Chaplain at Cameron Toll in July 2009

Please pray:
For wisdom for the steering group as they seek a replacement chaplain for Nicola Hilmy Jones

For the chaplains that whenever we go into Cameron Toll we will take the fragrance of Christ with us.

For the management & employees of the centre, that there will be an openness to the chaplaincy as a service. Pray for wisdom for the chaplains as we continue to build relationships with them.

For the direction of the Holy Spirit as we visit each unit and seek opportunities to listen and care for those we meet with the love and compassion of Jesus.

For the Christians who work and visit Cameron Toll that God will use them to be ‘a light to the nations.’ Also that they may be able to meet together for encouragement and support

For staff in the retail units facing redundancy because of shop closures, that they may find employment elsewhere.

For the management of the centre, may they find success in securing new tenants for the units which will bring employment to the area.

For wisdom for the Cameron Toll Steering Group as they seek ways of improving the profile of the Chaplaincy and guide and advise the chaplains in their work at the centre.

That the new website will be used to make new contacts within the centre

We thank God for everyone who prays for us. We appreciate and need your prayers!