Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chaplain resigned & New Chairperson appointed

Unfortunately the end of February saw the resignation of Alan.  We wish him God's blessing as he continues to work at his new job in Gorgie.  This leaves us with a space for a new Chaplain - again if you're interested in volunteering for 4 hours a week in Cameron Toll shopping centre (that leaves you plenty of time for some retail therapy after!)  click on the HUGE blue button under vacancy in this blog.

On a more exciting note - we have appointed a new Chairperson to keep us all under control!  This person, which is a first for the Chaplaincy, is a lovely lady namely Janet Sidaway who worships at St Peter's Episcopal Church in Lutton Place.  Now what do we call her - apart from Janet? Chairperson? Chairlady?  Or how about just Chair?  Whatever the name tag we welcome you on board Janet and hope you enjoy the challege.