Friday, October 26, 2012

Cameron Toll Chaplaincy Sunday

Just to remind our our faithful friends that this Sunday 28th October is Cameron Toll Chaplaincy Sunday where we ask anyone who knows us pray for us.

Please see below for our prayer points

We have our 2 newish Chaplains Reuben Addis and Danielle Milne who are going to be visiting 2 of our supporting churches on Sunday.  Reuben will be at SEECAT's Liberton Kirk at the 11am service while Danielle will be attending our NCT's  Priestfield church 10.30am service.

If you would like to meet either of them please make your way to either of the churches.

Thanks for your prayers - please join us to pray for the continual work of Cameron Toll Chaplaincy

Monday, October 8, 2012

CTC Sunday

Sunday 28th October 2012
This will be our 4th CTC Sunday where we specifically ask our supporting churches in SEECAT (South East Churches Acting Together) & NCT (Newington Churches Together) to pray for our Chaplains and they work the do in Cameron Toll.
This is our prayer points for 2012

For our AGM on 8th November—to agree on the way forward in 2013 which best meets the needs of Cameron Toll

For the new chaplains Reuben & Danielle — as they provide a Christian presence at Cameron Toll
For all the employees at Cameron Toll—to meet the challenges of the difficult commercial environment
For wisdom for the Cameron Toll Steering Group as they seek ways of improving the profile of the Chaplaincy and guide and advise the chaplains in their work at the centre.

Any queries or comments please contact us on our blog

We thank God for everyone who prays for us, known and unknown - we appreciate you all.